Long ago, LUAHK established the Political Affairs Department with one of its duties is to respond to the industry issues. In recent years, the HKSAR government has raised a number of controversial issues with an aim to be aligned with the drastic global economic and social changes. To name one of them, the proposed establishment of Independent Insurance Authority is especially impactful to the industry. LUAHK therefore setup the Industry Affairs Steering Committee and take a proactive approach to speak for the benefits of practitioners in front of the government and regulatory institutions.

The working scope of Industry Affairs Department includes:
  • Request for the representation of insurance intermediaries in the Independent Insurance Authority Governing and Disciplinary Board
  • Sole Regulatory for the insurance services of Insurance and Banking sectors
  • Solicit the government and regulatory bodies to declare the selling procedures and licensing issues for ILAS product
  • Offer tax exemption for policyholders
  • Voice out for the practitioners by contributing regular and affairs feedback in the daily newspaper and monthly magazines
  • Follow up on the industry affairs and conduct regular meetings with insurance authority, regulatory bodies and keynote persons in the society

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