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Since founded in August 1996, and with the enthusiastic participation of numerous elites, the "IDA Annual Meeting" has developed into a knowledge palace, where the outstanding Chinese insurance underwriters and financial professionals seek for internationalization, expertise, honor and education. Via the platform of the IDA Annual Meeting, the participants meet, share, experience, contribute, and together......grow up!

The Executive Committee of IDA believes that the driving power of growth stems from higher level, more wide spread, more professionalized, and more internationalized mutual respecting, learning, sharing, experiencing and contributing. To encourage the worldwide Chinese insurance underwriters and financial professionals to strive for a higher achievement and more meaningful way of life, IMM International founded the International Dragon Award (IDA) at the second WCLIC in 1998. By providing a fair and objective standard, conducting a strict membership verifying, presenting the awards and publishing "IDA Who's Who", the IDA gives the outstanding Chinese underwriters an international honor and approval.

The sustained and healthy development is a hot topic discussed among the life insurance and financial services society. To conform to the change of the times and the trend of the market, the IDA Executive Committees shoulders the mission of "PBMG" (Partnership in Business & Management Growth) and works its best to help the underwriters and financial professionals with their further development. Besides career achievements, IDA also thinks that insurance and financial professionals should aim at higher targets such as concepts of Paragon, Perfection, and Noble, pursuit of high-quality life, obedience to professional principles, practice of moral integrity, establishment of occupational dignity, and cultivation of a sound career environment.

The IDA membership is not only a milestone in your life and career path, but also indicates that you will step into a new space full of professional knowledge, growth motivation, high-quality thoughts and lifestyle. Thus, IDA advocates and promotes its members' life quality as well as builds up their status and honor internationally.

(Source: IDA brochure)

LUAHK is authorized by the executive committees of IDA as the coordinator of promotion and enrolment in Hong Kong and Macau Districts. Please return enrolment to LUA office direct.

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